Media Launch

We’re proud of what we’re doing at Shenton Farms and we want to spread the word!

Having progressed through our first cycle of planting (Cycle I) to the stage where the first farmers had signed contracts and are planting trees in the ground, we thought it was high time to announce the project to SVG in a more official manner.

In July 2017, we were delighted to host the three national SVG newspapers as well as the government’s Agency for Public Information (API). Our day began first at our nurseries in Orange Hill where we took the media representatives through the story so far – from germination of seeds to field ready seedlings - and then moved on to the farm of our first contracted farmer, to show them the process of training and planting.

The coverage we received was really positive, and our thanks go out to all who attended the day. We’ve received a good deal of attention as a result of the various articles, and much of it has been from new farmers interested in participating in this new form of agricultural diversification.

To watch the television piece produced by the API and aired on SVGTV in July 2017, take a look at this link:

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