Shenton Farms has signed an Agreement with the Government of St. Vincent and The Grenadines to help diversify the agricultural economy. We are growing Arabica Kona and Gesha coffee - which can be intercropped with bananas - creating a new entrant to the global coffee market


Our organic speciality coffee will be marketed under the Three Rivers brand, certified by Fairtrade and we guarantee to pay the best price to our farmers. It  will be sold in the Caribbean, North America and Europe, promoting economic growth, employment and exports for SVG. 


We are pioneering the production of coffee flour, milled from the dried coffee cherry husks. Coffee flour is gluten, fat and cholesterol free, high in fibre and potassium and satisfies the growing demand for alternatives to wheat flour.

In addition, we are investing in the production of Coffee Essential Oil which is used to treat stress, boost immunity, delay ageing and soften skin.